Friday, November 30, 2007


Well, last week I was tagged, and it is now time to share interesting facts about me! Here we go!
1. I despise cold weather. It makes me grumpy, lethargic and pretty much a wimp! I would much rather have sweat dripping down my forehead than have goosebumps consuming my body, making my freshly shaven legs feel prickly! Oh, and add rain to the cold.....forget it, stay away from me!
2. I love home cooked meals. For so long my life was in the habit of grabbing food on the go. No thank you, I prefer anything home cooked, well, almost anything! Of course, when I say home cooked, I mean Tony doing the cooking! My job is the dishes.
3. Some know this, but I have had 6 knee surgeries; hence the blog name SIDELINED! The root cause, a lanky clumsy girl coming underneath the volleyball net, taking me out in the best volleyball game of my career. The good news, I am a "great" candidate for a knee transplant. Not sure if that's good news, but the docs seem to think so! Though it may sound I am a bit bitter, I once was, I now know God has other plans for me!
4. I didn't get my drivers license until the age of 24! I know, insane! Luckily I had great friends who drove me lots of places. If anyone EVER needs a ride I am the first to do it! No guys, not hitchhikers, people I actually know! I am forever indebted to provide free rides!
5. ROAD RAGE drives me crazy! The thing I least like about HOUSTON is the drivers! If everybody would let one car in at the freeway entrance ramps the flow of traffic would be a WHOLE lot better! Geez, what a concept!

**This was one of my blooms just last week**

6. I love Hibiscus. Yes I went as far as to get a tattoo of one on my back. And I love it, no regrets! My goal is to be known as the "Hibiscus Lady"in the neighborhood! I love the flowers beauty, that they bloom for so many months, and that each bloom only lasts a day.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Lump on a Log

Lately, I am like a lump on a log. Or shall I say a mushroom on a stump. I am gliding through each day doing what I am supposed to do, except the dishes, hoping something exciting strikes me soon. To put it simple: I feel I have nothing of interest to make a difference in your day!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

All I want for Christmas are my two front teeth.....

It's been 4 months and Walker has NO signs of his two front teeth coming in. When making his Christmas list we suggested his two front teeth should be top of his list!
Two front teeth were obviously not on the top of his Christmas list. A new big boy bike definitely is, however, he is willing to take it off if he can have one other thing, actually it's two somethings.

Yes, it is a baby sister Walker would love to have. At dinner the other night he sweetly rambled on about a baby sister, "but not just one Mommy, we need two baby sisters like Riley and I."
"Twins you mean?"

"Of course, that way we will have three boys and three girls and our family will be even. But don't worry Mommy, I will get them for Christmas so that way you never have to go to the hospital or anything like that."

"That's sweet Walker, but where would they sleep?"

"In Peyton's room because Riley and I already share a room."

"Baby, I think you already have a long list for Santa already made out, it's too late to change it this year."

"I'll take my big boy bike off the list, that would be o.k."

Thankfully he never changed his original list. I think by next year he will have decided that two baby sisters is not such a good idea, and we should keep our family just the way we have it.

Oh and I've decided no more spending time with his baby cousin Kate.....since this conversation came a day after spending a whole weekend with her! (just kidding JoJo, you can have them anytime!)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving Day 7: Who's Parents are Those?

Well, with a week of giving blog thanks, it's time to hit two very important people who deserve so much gratitude! My crazy and wild parents! Now, those of you who are reading this and knew my parents when I was young are probably thinking "yeah, like the Nelson's are wild and crazy!". Maybe this picture can prove my point!

Mom and Dad are now Parrot Heads....nothing makes them happier than hanging out with their friends in Kemah, traveling to Parrot Head events in Key West, Alabama, Vegas......if there's a gathering, they are there!

Well, deserved time too.

I am thankful my parents:


were at every event of mine as a child

traveled 5 hours on Tuesdays from Houston to Stephenville to watch me play volleyball
love my boys to death

live near by

are having fun

helped me through the toughest time of my life

instilled values that helped shape my character

I am thankful that my parents put my brother and I before anything growing up! They were ALWAYS there!

Love you MOMMY and DADDY!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I am so so thankful for my brother! Without him, I truly don't know where I would be. He was a hard brother, he had big expectations of me, and when I failed him I could see the disappointment! I've always wanted to make him proud of me.

I must admit, as compettive of a heart that I have, there was no better feeling as a kid than beating my brother at a sport! Any sport, you name it, I was gonna beat him!

I think my brother was even my biggest fan, well, next to Dad! I played volleyball for years and continued into college. As I was huffing and puffing catching my breath from a long strenuous game, there was my brother waiting in the bleachers to untie my shoes, pull off my STANKY ankle braces, and my sweaty sticky socks so I could air off my feet. If he was at a game he always did that. Now that I read that, it sounds weird, but let me tell you, I felt like the luckiest sister around.

My brother's senior year in high school, ( I am 3 yrs younger ) I cried so often at night knowing he was leaving to college. I would go in his room and sleep on the floor! Funny thing is, he decided to live at home and go to college, thus I was the first to leave! All that worry for nothing!

When I was a freshman in highschool and he was a senior, I could walk up to his table at lunch, hold out my hand, and he would lay lunch money in my hand. No questions asked, no speaking, he took care of me, and I left silently to spare him from any embarrassment, I was a freshman, they're not allowed at the senior table, so not cool!

To this day, I would have to say, I look up to my brother more than anybody, sad thing is, I see him the least. Chris is a go getter....he is full of ambition, loves his children, and on a good day, he's REALLY funny!

The last story I will share about my brother, when I went through a divorce, it was him (and my parents) who allowed me to get out of a bad situation. It was him who made me realize, that it's not always the woman deciding to stay in a bad marriage. So often I hear, "why does she stay with him". I know why, if the woman has no money, a lawyer to protect her children, and a place to stay until she gets on her feet, what is a woman supposed to do. You will never hear me ask why a woman stays......I will pray for the situation. I am fortunate that I had a family to help me in a HUGE time of need!

Oh, and my brother's pretty good at bragging about he's lil sis too! I often catch him telling stories of me back in the day. Makes me smile, just a bit! He also landed me a job with the company he works for, and have now been with the company for seven years.

I definitely am thankful for my one and only sibling.....I could go on forever about him! I hope my boys and Michaella grow up loving one another the way we did....of course we did have a few HUGE fights....sorry Chris, I gotta let em know I won those fights!

Here's to brothers and childhood memories!

Monday, November 19, 2007


I had all intentions to blog on Sunday, but I had to commit myself to some major yard work, primarily raking 8 bags worth of pine needles! I love our pine trees, the entire neighborhood is engulfed with these long lanky trees! Absolutely beautiful, definitely a neusance. After completely satisfied with a days worth of work outside, I wake this morning to, well, a yard full of pine needles. Just overnight, viola, coated in needles.

I almost forgot this post was supposed to be about Thanksgiving. If you can't quite tell by the tone of the blog, I don't feel well. Sinus pressure is throbbing behind my eyes and I would rather be at home in bed. But since I can't, I am THANKFUL for Sudafed Maximum Strength Sinus Headache Medication. I have tested them all, yet this is the only one to relieve some of the pain!

Until tomorrow ! I promise to be much more chipper tomorrow!

Saturday, November 17, 2007


Today I am being thankful for the things that make me smile throughout a day, and with the day coming to a close, I better hurry!

I am thankful for Jacuzzi baths

Late nights
jeans and t-shirts
flip flops
romantic sappy movies
another chance
the bay house
PEOPLE magazine
my computer
neighbors, we love, having a hard time selling their house (now that's selfish)

and my 13 year old DOC MARTINS (13 yrs old) yes, Jade they are as old as our friendship!

I am thankful for lazy days and chotic days, all the same,

redemption and salvation

and I am thankful I am me and nobody else, no matter what comes my way, I wouldn't want to be me any other way.........
I am thankful you are reading this, no matter what your thoughts might be about me....
I am thankful for you! Yes you, I might not even know you! The world wouldn't be the same without you! I hope that someday I meet you!

I thank you!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Thanksgiving Day 2: TONY

What a perfect opportunity to brag on my soon-to-be husband, Tony. I am so very very very blessed to have my best friend as my love and this I am beyond Thankful for.

Being a divorced working mother of three boys, life was hectic, chaotic, and sometimes well, sometimes simply near impossible. My goal, was to raise my three boys, the best I knew, get them raised and then worry about a man down the road. Guess what, that' s not what happened. Fortunately for me a good friend introduced me to an amazing, loving, caring, kind, giving Christian man.

Now as your reading, don't forget, I was a single mom of three boys (the twins had just turned 4 and Peyton had just turned six). There simply aren't too many men out in this world saying yes, "I want to meet this girl, three boys no problem". That was my first clue I found my man. I am thankful he felt that way.
I am thankful for his GORGEOUS smile, his sweet spontaneous acts of kindness, Valentine's Day at Yia Yia Mary's, his passion, our kid free weekends, our movie dates, days on the golf course, his kind words about me to ALL of his patients, his opening my door every time I get in the car, his willing to learn sports, his sewing abilities, his love for my children, his love for his "sunshine", his love for his mother and father. I am thankful for his Christian heart, his encouraging words, and seeing that we are serving the Lord. I am thankful that I can give him my ideas and he never looks at me like I am crazy. I am thankful for his love to cook, even though I gained weight because of it! I am thankful for his unselfish soul.
I am thankful for his ability to build, look at this beautiful cross with mosaic border he made during his lunch breaks at work!

I am also thankful for his Father who instilled these values and shaped his character!

Thursday, November 15, 2007



With Thanksgiving a week away, I have decided to do a week of blogging about 7 things I am thankful for. Being that I am a mother of 3 boys and a soon to be daughter (no, I am not pregnant...Tony has a 10 year old daughter) the first thing I am very thankful for is our CHILDREN.

It is all things about our CHILDREN I am thankful for:

* perfect little toes and feet
* beautiful smiles when you pick them up after a long day at work
* will to learn and try new things
* loving hearts
* summer vacations
* moods (cranky, happy, rambunctious,etc.) that make us grow as parents
* sweet spontaneous hugs
* well rehearsed school and church programs
* fears and their fearlessness
* need for us when they have a bad day
* funny sayings they don't even know they said
* conversations that are WAY older than they are
* Saturday morning sports games
* sweet smell after a nice bath
* pick up football games in the street
I am so thankful for Tony and my children. Thankful they are healthy, loving, spiritual, growing individuals setting out to do their own things!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


As I mentioned on Saturday, soccer for the boys ended this weekend. I am still very sad, because one of my favorite past times is sports, and what team is better to watch than your very own child's. So now that the lawnchairs are put away, we now need a new family excursion for the weekends. While the weather is nice I am thinking of doing a new adventure a friend at work opened my eyes to, LETTERBOXING. I'm sure many of your expressions are the same as mine, "what the heck is Letterboxing?" The funny thing is, people all across America have already set out on the adventure and I've never heard about it!

Letterboxing is an outdoor hobby that combines elements of orienteering, art and puzzle solving. Letterboxers hide small, weatherproof boxes in publicly-accessible places (like parks) and distribute clues to finding the box on one of several websites or by word of mouth. Individual letterboxes usually contain a logbook and a rubber stamp. Finders make an imprint of the letterbox's stamp on their personal logbook, and leave an impression of their personal stamp on the letterbox's logbook — as proof of having found the box. Many letterboxers keep careful track of their "find count". (O.K, so that was a very serious sounding definition, yet the best I could find!)

What a great idea....whether your'e in your own city, traveling to the country for a day trip or vacationing anywhere in North America, somewhere there is a letterbox to be found awaiting YOUR FAMILY to "leave their mark". Or, find a great spot and post great clues for your very own family letterbox. .... here's your first clue to a Letterbox near you! I'm off to purchase our family stamp!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Another Broken Promise

I watch my young boys eyes fill with disappointment and hurt as he hangs up the telephone,

Tears flow from yet another broken promise.

I wipe his tears, hold him tight, knowing the pain his heart feels.

I reassure my love to him and assure that I will never break a promise.

It does little, for he knows that is so. What he wants, is to know the one who has, will no more.

I can't sugar coat it, I can't promise it, I can't tell him it will change.

I must watch his heart become callous and tough, for one day, he will know to expect no more.

My stength through his sadness and pain, is our love, our Faith, and the keeping of our own promises.

His strength, is our love , his Faith, and a gradually toughening heart.

I go to my room, I shed my own tear and pray for my son's heart.

Saturday, November 10, 2007


Well, today ended our Fall season of soccer. It saddens me. There is no greater joy to me than getting up bright and early on Saturday mornings grabbing the lawn chairs, making sure the water bottles are full, praying the kids can remember where each of them last left their soccer cleats and those darn shin guards, and running out the door, forgetting something of course!
I love to cheer my kids on in their games and watching each week what improvements they make! I love it. My question at the end of each season, will they choose this sport again?
What is next in store for each of them, only time will tell.

Speaking of time, what will we do with our extra time. Now that the lawn chairs (yes, we have old school lawn chairs) are placed back in the garage until next season, we'll probably enjoy a few more family meals together, do our homework at the table rather than in the car on the way to soccer practice, and probably fill the time up with well, yet another the Church Christmas Program practices! The great thing about kids, they keep us moving.
Here's to crazy chaotic days, and hoping for a few slower ones too.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Originality Requested

Today at lunch, I was browsing the internet trying to decide on Wedding Favors for our guests. My dilemma, I don't know what people like or dislike as wedding favors. I certainly don't want the guests leaving and saying "I can't believe this is what they gave us!" So here's your chance to chime in with your ideas!

Here's some possibilities, but I would really like something ORIGINAL! Unfortunately, ORIGINALITY is not one of my strongest qualities! (Yes, Mom I know you are agreeing with me on that! :) )

The top photo is a heart with wild flower seeds the guest can plant and watch them bloom! I like this idea, I just hope everyone will actually do it.

The second, a Koozie with a cute design of my thought, the guys will actually get use out of this as well as the gals!

The third, cookie cutters the whole family can use for years!

And my last idea I am toying with is the cute favor box with personalized M and M's.....definitely not original! But, I like it!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Everyday as parents, it is our goal to teach our children right from wrong, to treat others the way they want to be treated. It's often that I think I must tell them how to do this or I must prompt them when to do this. Yesterday proved me wrong. I picked my three boys up from afterschool care, they were full of stories of their long day at school and what they did with their friends at recess. As they're all excitiedly reminescing of their daily events, my youngest of the twins, Walker, amazed me with what I call a "simple parental reward". He simply opened my car door for me, waited for me to get in and shut the door. It put a smile on my heart that will last a life time.

Walker didn't learn to do this by someone telling him to, he has watched Tony open my door for two and half years everyday we are together leaving in a car. And yesterday, my little six year old stepped up to the plate as the "Gentleman" when Tony wasn't there.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Officially NEW at this.....please forgive me

We can all thank my GREAT and well missed friend Jade for getting me blogging. Please excuse my "newness" at such a thing. I am looking forward to sharing my life with three boys, a soon to be husband, soon to be step daughter, my love for sports and my faith in our Lord. Wish me luck and I promise to do my best!

Thanks JADE!