Friday, January 9, 2009


So this is finally a fresh new year......however, reflecting on 2008 it truly was in the top three years of my life! Marrying Tony was by far the best thing I have ever done next to the painfully births of my three beautiful sons! The wedding however was much more fun than labor......sorry boys!

My NEW YEAR'S resolution.........summed up in one word "SIMPLIFY". I want to simply simplify our world, our mornings, our nights, our weekends, our house, our closets, our moments.......I want us to be able to hear God when he is speaking to us instead of being so chaotic and we might miss what he is trying to tell us! Simplify......simple,'s gonna take work, but I am ready for this rewarding challenge!

Cheers to 2009!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


For several years now, my oldest "baby" has expressed a desire to play football. (a mother's nightmare) I ask myself, why not golf, what about swimming.....something where your bones will stay in tact. I then realize that I, myself, was persuaded by an individual not to pursue my true desire as a career and now, well, now I work on computers. Not a bad job, just nothing that I have true passion for.

So, I decided, God gave each person our talents, our gifts of God. Who am I to determine what gifts God gave him. Peyton started his first year of football this past Saturday, and is at a week long football camp at night, and NOTHING makes me happier than watching him play. You see, he's always played soccer, he was always good but not great. I never saw his heart go into to it. Being a very competitive athlete myself, I always wanted to see that love for sports in my son.
Football is in my son's HEART!!! He busts his butt everyday, doing drills he never has done before and giving every bit of 100%. I get chills seeing my son's passion, his love pouring out, his devoted respectfulness to his team and coaches. I just have one question, did we have to be the COWBOYS?!

Peyton, you are graduating from my "baby" into an incredible young man. May your spirit stay alive and full and may it spread to others around you.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Cleaning can I sum this matter up. As I told Tony in the first week of knowing him, I sat him down to explain something, something embarrassing but I had to tell him. My exact words, "I hate to clean, I don't like it, I'm not happy when I do it and I'm not going to smile while I do it." And that ladies and gentlemen, sums up my thoughts on, well cleaning!

Having a disclaimer with Tony at the beginning of our relationship was the BEST thing I ever did. When the house gets messy and he looks at me " I told you from week one." When I am not smiling as I do it "I told you from week one". Needless to say, I am getting better.

Jade at has challenged us to Expose Ourselves. Tony is loving Jade.

I am starting with baby steps. This is not an easy process for me. I am ashamed of it, I think,but this is who I am. Guys, I have prayed hard about this topic. I started with the Laundry catch all room. It has mail, tools, shoes, pillows, belts you name it, it catches it. Ladies and gentleman, the room that once was cluttered has been know how you should hear hollowness in a laundry room, I got that back. It is wonderful.

Now, that it's cleaned, I realized one wall still needs to be painted and
the doors need to painted too, oh and Tony needs to fix the shelves on the
wall.....but cleanness....ahhhh organization.......I hate the process, but I
love the feel!

I might end up exposing myself too much, but what great 'cleaning therapy'.

Happily Ever

Well my long lost friends, as many of you know I got married on APRIL 5th to the most amazing man in the world and we are officially a family of 6; thus the reason for my abscence in the world of blogging! It is so wonderful to share my life with someone who values my thoughts, wipes my tears, shares my laughter, feels my heartaches and loves the Lord as I do. I know, we are newly married, but I feel a commitment like no other and know we will wade through each storm together and not against one another!

I feel new, refreshed and energized to begin this blogging journey once again! LIFE IS GOOD, LIFE IS GREAT!!! I look forward to sharing our lives as a family....future wedding recaps and honeymoon stories to follow!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Jaw Dropper

I have ultimately decided that the wedding industry LOVES to suck our money. Last night, my mother and I went to my first fitting for my wedding dress. A very fun and nice evening. My mother saw my dress for the first time and I was VERY nervous about her reaction, well she loved it. We were looking at accessories and then the alteration lady came out ith my pink slip to check out at the front counter.......any guesses how much? Not $50.00, not $150.00, not $250.00, no just $350.00. I just about had a coranary attack! Both my mother and my jaws dropped wide open! It was half the price of my dress. I am still recovering from shock.....but will survive. My future husband said "what can we do, and just smile as we went to sleep". God bless him!

I promise once this wedding is over, I will be a blogging fool! My life is consumed with so many things to accomplish in the next two months! Only 54 more days!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My Babies are 7 Today

Happy Birthday Babies!
:: The Twins 2 years ago on their Birthday::

7 years ago Riley and Walker came into this world and FOREVER changed our lives! A blessing they have been, and boy can they be sneaky together! Some great twin memories, and I need to scan some pictures for another blog day:
:: Walker and Riley sucking each others thumbs as infants, never their own
:: Helping each other climb out of the crib together at a year old and hearing loud thumps on the floor
::They always pooped and had a messy diaper at THE SAME TIME!!!
::Riley always stole Walker's toy from him and Walker would just find another toy....this easy going temperament remains the same for Walker today!

::The Twins a Month ago::

Oh and did I mention, Walker is totally ticked that his brother will be 7 forty-nine minutes before him! Yes, 49 minutes!!!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night

Just a few photos of our Christmas decorations! I hope that everyone has a blessed CHRISTmas and that we all can remember and teach our children why we celebrate this day! MERRY CHRISTmas!From our family to yours, Merry Christmas!