Wednesday, July 16, 2008


For several years now, my oldest "baby" has expressed a desire to play football. (a mother's nightmare) I ask myself, why not golf, what about swimming.....something where your bones will stay in tact. I then realize that I, myself, was persuaded by an individual not to pursue my true desire as a career and now, well, now I work on computers. Not a bad job, just nothing that I have true passion for.

So, I decided, God gave each person our talents, our gifts of God. Who am I to determine what gifts God gave him. Peyton started his first year of football this past Saturday, and is at a week long football camp at night, and NOTHING makes me happier than watching him play. You see, he's always played soccer, he was always good but not great. I never saw his heart go into to it. Being a very competitive athlete myself, I always wanted to see that love for sports in my son.
Football is in my son's HEART!!! He busts his butt everyday, doing drills he never has done before and giving every bit of 100%. I get chills seeing my son's passion, his love pouring out, his devoted respectfulness to his team and coaches. I just have one question, did we have to be the COWBOYS?!

Peyton, you are graduating from my "baby" into an incredible young man. May your spirit stay alive and full and may it spread to others around you.


Marjorie said...

That's so cool!! I look forward to those days with my little ones. I also dread when they get older and things get more complicated. Like high school.... yikes!

Colter & Elizabeth Lewis said...

Hey April! Is your son on the freshman, sophmore, junior or senior team? My middle son plays for the Klein Bengals and the Cowboys kicked our butts last Saturday!!!

Good to hear from you after so many years!