Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Cleaning can I sum this matter up. As I told Tony in the first week of knowing him, I sat him down to explain something, something embarrassing but I had to tell him. My exact words, "I hate to clean, I don't like it, I'm not happy when I do it and I'm not going to smile while I do it." And that ladies and gentlemen, sums up my thoughts on, well cleaning!

Having a disclaimer with Tony at the beginning of our relationship was the BEST thing I ever did. When the house gets messy and he looks at me " I told you from week one." When I am not smiling as I do it "I told you from week one". Needless to say, I am getting better.

Jade at has challenged us to Expose Ourselves. Tony is loving Jade.

I am starting with baby steps. This is not an easy process for me. I am ashamed of it, I think,but this is who I am. Guys, I have prayed hard about this topic. I started with the Laundry catch all room. It has mail, tools, shoes, pillows, belts you name it, it catches it. Ladies and gentleman, the room that once was cluttered has been know how you should hear hollowness in a laundry room, I got that back. It is wonderful.

Now, that it's cleaned, I realized one wall still needs to be painted and
the doors need to painted too, oh and Tony needs to fix the shelves on the
wall.....but cleanness....ahhhh organization.......I hate the process, but I
love the feel!

I might end up exposing myself too much, but what great 'cleaning therapy'.


Veronica said...

That's too funny...I'm the exact opposite! Some people may say I'm a little OCD about cleaning! Maybe I can start a cleaning service and you'll be my first customer:)

Jade said...

Look at you!!! I hate to clean too... so my rooms end up like that. Love the organization girlfriend! :)

Marjorie said...

I'm with you. I don't like it, either. Notice I haven't been "exposing myself." ;)