Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My Babies are 7 Today

Happy Birthday Babies!
:: The Twins 2 years ago on their Birthday::

7 years ago Riley and Walker came into this world and FOREVER changed our lives! A blessing they have been, and boy can they be sneaky together! Some great twin memories, and I need to scan some pictures for another blog day:
:: Walker and Riley sucking each others thumbs as infants, never their own
:: Helping each other climb out of the crib together at a year old and hearing loud thumps on the floor
::They always pooped and had a messy diaper at THE SAME TIME!!!
::Riley always stole Walker's toy from him and Walker would just find another toy....this easy going temperament remains the same for Walker today!

::The Twins a Month ago::

Oh and did I mention, Walker is totally ticked that his brother will be 7 forty-nine minutes before him! Yes, 49 minutes!!!


Jade said...

Happy birthday boys and mommy!! What special memories you have April. So sweet.

Marjorie said...

Jan. 8th is a good day ;) Happy Birthday! And they sucked each others thumbs!!! so cute. I hope you have a picture of that.

Twin Powers activate... (I always loved that cartoon.)