Thursday, February 7, 2008

Jaw Dropper

I have ultimately decided that the wedding industry LOVES to suck our money. Last night, my mother and I went to my first fitting for my wedding dress. A very fun and nice evening. My mother saw my dress for the first time and I was VERY nervous about her reaction, well she loved it. We were looking at accessories and then the alteration lady came out ith my pink slip to check out at the front counter.......any guesses how much? Not $50.00, not $150.00, not $250.00, no just $350.00. I just about had a coranary attack! Both my mother and my jaws dropped wide open! It was half the price of my dress. I am still recovering from shock.....but will survive. My future husband said "what can we do, and just smile as we went to sleep". God bless him!

I promise once this wedding is over, I will be a blogging fool! My life is consumed with so many things to accomplish in the next two months! Only 54 more days!


Jade said...

I can't believe that bill! I would have fallen over. I'm sure you will be beautiful!!! Can't wait to see you!

Marjorie said...

I figured you were busy getting ready for your wedding! I'm sure it will be worth every penny (as they say ;)